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Rondel Droughtmasters

Rondel Droughtmaster stud is located 100 kilometres North of Winton and 125 kilometres South of Hughenden on the black soil open downs country. 

The Stud was established in 1987 by Peter and Deleece Carrington 2nd generation Droughtmaster breeders, who have since welcomed aboard their son Luke, his wife Jayna, daughter Lakisha and her husband Zach, in which are the driving force behind Rondel Stud in these latter years.

The operation consists of 850 registered stud breeders reinforced by 400 commercial breeders.

Luke Carrington
T: 0427 573 923
Lakisha Muntelwit
T: 0428 191 100

Rondel Profile.png
SC Droughtmasters

SC Droughtmasters are located one hour North of Rockhampton on the Fitzroy River.


Our cattle are bred on coastal country with a strong emphasis placed on fertility and genetics with moderate frame, quiet temperament and structurally correct.


Females are expected to calve annually, during a four month joining period and are recorded on Droughtmaster Group Breedplan. 


For full details please visit our website.

Steve & Claire Farmer
T: 0428 347 555

T: 0407 169 937


The Haviland's Droughtmaster cattle are based in the Marlborough district on coastal range country.  Our home is located in the Cap Coast hinterland. 


We have a small rural based contract fencing business, which keeps us busy. 


All of our breeding objectives are aimed at the commercial realities of the beef industry. 


Producing consistent Droughtmaster cattle that suit Queensland's markets and environments.


We keep fertility, temperament, growth, structure and red meat central to our breeding objectives. 

Sugerland Droughtmasters

Will & Ingrid Haviland
T: 0437 849 478



Hamadra Droughtmaster stud was estabished in 1994 and is located 10km north of Bluff at "Wild Horse Creek".  It is owned and operated by Andrew McKenzie and son Riley. 


The property is approximately 8000 acres and is mostly blade ploughed buffel and brigalow country where we run 800 stud and commercial breeders to maximise our stud program choice and bull sale selection.

Before starting the stud the family tree goes back to having over 100 years of cattle breeding experience which I think keeps us balanced and focused to continue to breed a solid commercial base which we find helps our consistency.

Hamadra Droughtmasters

Andrew & Kerri McKenzie
T: 0439 826 275



Waylanbar Droughtmasters was established by Wayne and Lana in 2003 with the purchase of a Glenlands first calf heifer, located 33kms south of Emerald QLD where the stud is operated on 700 acres of heavy loam country and currently runs 70 stud breeders.

In 2020 Waylanbar J was established by Jesse, Tori & family as an affiliated stud alongside Waylanbar. Who then went on to purchase 2 properties alongside each other consisting of 2200 acres located within the Biloela & Jambin area to increase numbers within their own herd.


Our goals are to have a continuous stud line of consistent, well-tempered bulls to suit all conditions with the objective to sell across various Droughtmaster sales. 

Waylanbar Droughtmasters

Wayne Barnes
T: 0438 128 414
Jesse Barnes
T: 0447 195 193



Lazy A Droughtmasters

The Lazy A Droughtmaster stud and commercial herd is situated at Debella station, 100 km north of Julia Creek on the Saxby River. The stud prospers in prime Southern Gulf country ranging from open black soil downs and forest conditions.

Established in 2007 by Alex and Maree Power, Lazy A Droughtmasters is family owned and operated from grass roots to premium quality sale day finish. Droughtmaster cattle have been a lifelong passion for Alex and Maree as they built the stud from the ground up.

These foundations have been established and built on the framework of relaxed temperament, strong poll genetics and consistent fertility in the herd, while maintaining flexibility and adaptability to handle a diverse range of grazing country and conditions.

Lazy A Droughtmasters
Lazy A Droughtmasters.jpg

Alex Power
T: 0429 406 905


Ramardoo Droughtmasters is a small stud made up of 40 stud breeders where they run amongst my fathers at Hamadra Droughtmasters. 


My goal is to keep a strict eye on fertility and the standards of excellence I'm looking for. 


Having begun as a small stud in 2014, I firmly believe that by maintaining my unwavering focus on this endeavour, I will progressively achieve greater consistency and maximise profits with each passing year.

Ramardoo Droughtmasters

Riley McKenzie
T: 0408 493 223



Gunjari Droughtmasters is located approximately 30km north off the coast of Mackay at Mount Jukes. 


We have continued breeding Droughtmaster cattle following on from Richard’s father who started 40 years ago and now have started the Droughtmaster Stud, Gunjari Droughtmasters which is managed by Richard and Jarred Vella (Father & Son). 


The Stud currently runs approximately 60 registered stud breeders which is supported by commercial breeders as well to provide both stud and commercial sales.

Our goal is to have a consistent line with good tempered breeders and bulls.

Gunjari Droughtmasters

Richard Vella
T: 0418 750 818
Jarred Vella
T: 0438 326 548


The Winten's family property Kalbar is located 180km West of the town Emerald in the Central West of Queensland, running along the "Belyando River".

Kalbar runs 200 head of Droughtmaster Studs and 3500 head of commercial cattle, some paddocks of cross Droughtmasters and Brahman cattle.

Always having a passion for the work we do in the cattle industry and a long time love of the Droughtmaster breed we established our stud Kalbar Droughtmasters in 2007.

Kalbar Droughtmasters are built on 30 years of commercial relevant cattle that have been selected for fertility, adaptability, weight for age and most importantly temperament.

Kalbar Droughtmasters

Gavin Winten
T: 0429 851 325


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