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2016  Sale Results

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Lot 68 - Medway Warraka -
Top price bull $25,000 selling to Sedgeford Pastoral Company, Alpha

76 Bulls sold at an average of $7,835
with a 99% clearance, top of $25,000.

BullZeye Delivers!

The 2016 BullZeye Droughtmaster sale was the center of attention for C.Q. droughty buyers last Friday in Capella. The seven vendors Needmor, Hamadra, S.C. , Locarno, Rondel, Sugerland and Medway teamed up to present 77 droughtmaster beef bulls. The consistency was evident across the line of sires who averaged an ema of 128, scrotal’s 39 and the age and weight of 23 months, 752kg respectively.

The buyers couldn’t agree more with the commercial relevant figures and the sale averaged $7804 with a 99% clearance. Bulls went across Queensland with the local centers of Clermont Dysart, Alpha, Springsure, Moura and Capella taking their fair share.

The sale topper was Medway “Warraka” a 22 month old milk tooth calf, weighing 830 kg, 8,6 and 130 in the scans and a scrotal of 40 cm. He went to Sedgeford Pastoral, Alpha for $25,000.  A number of other Bull breeding herds took home new Sires - Huntly, FCC, Lisgar, Yaralla, Warrina and Locarno where in on the action. The Shaw family from “Wanditta” got the bulk buyer prize on the day. They outlaid an average of $ 9062 on 8 bulls. The auctioneer Wayne York didn’t have too much trouble getting bids from the gallery of beef producers. Repeat buyers the Prince family, “Oak Park”, Capella, took six bulls for an average of $7500. Sam Bradford, “Arcturus Downs”, Springsure, also took six at an average price of $6500. New buyers were Mt Flora Cattle, “Oxford Downs”, Nebo, with five bulls for an $8400 average. The Whitehead family, Undercliffe Pastoral, “Satellite”, Springsure, took home five for an average of $7200.

The BullZeye sale coordinator Kerri McKenzie from Hamadra Droughtmasters Bluff said the vendors are striving to bring a sale to C.Q. producers that gives them the opportunity each October to look over a lineup of real industry focused droughtmaster bulls. We’ve chosen the Capella under cover arena because of its central location and first class facility’s, our guests can relax after their bull inspection and sponsored breakfast in the cool and spacious surrounds of the covered arena. Our sale is building a reputation and we choose to partner in sponsorship with industry focused businesses. The BullZeye team wishes to sincerely thank our loyal sponsors for their support.

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